Vacuum Excavation

Our non-destructive digging technique uses vacuum or high pressure water for debris and soil removal.

SEQ Trenchless use radar detection equipment to identify and mark out existing underground services prior to commencing our vacuum excavation operations.

Key Benefits

  • Safest method to excavate around and expose underground services.
  • Essential for jobs that involve buried pipe and other sensitive equipment.
  • Protects heritage and natural environments without damaging root systems and plant life.
  • Faster than traditional excavation techniques.

Our fleet of Vac Trucks are used to support our drilling operations, creating “pot-holes” to expose services prior to drilling.

They also work alongside our drill rigs, sucking away and storing the drilling slurry that is produced during horizontal directional drilling. Safety and Environmental Sustainability are high priority for our Vac Truck Operators.

Safely Expose Services
Removal of HDD Slurry
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Our Vac Truck Operators have completed training in:

Radar Location Equipment Operations

Risk Management and Safe Work Practices

Underground Awareness

Fire Ant Awareness

Mud Cleaning Systems

Environmental and Sediment Control Awareness