Horizontal Directional Drilling

A Less Invasive Solution

Steerable installation of conduit under the ground with minimum impact to the surface. This type of drilling allows underground services to be installed without disturbing tree roots or damaging driveways, footpaths and roads.

Our fleet of five Horizontal Directional Drill Rigs always ensures we have drill rigs available and allows us to efficiently install water, electricity, communications, sewer and gas pipelines through various ground conditions, including shale and rock. Directional drilling is a popular method used when installing underground conduit and fibre networks in built up areas, as it allows easy access and low impact to surrounding areas.

How it Works

  1. A small launch pit is excavated at the ground surface, and the drilling rig placed beside it.
  2. A pilot hole is drilled along the required path while the drill head is monitored and located from above as it passes through the earth.
  3. The bore is reamed back. Depending on the size of conduit being installed, pipe can be attached to the reamer and pulled back through the hole. Or the bore can continued to be reamed out until it reaches a specified diameter to suit larger product pipe or a bundle of conduits grouped together.
  4. Environmentally friendly drilling fluids are used to lubricate and stabilise the bore. The fluids also suspend the excavated spoil which can be vacuum excavated using our Vac Trucks.

Key Benefits

Minimal Delays

Traffic does not need to be impacted as drills go under the road.


Less open excavation which reduces the risk of trips and falls.

Cost and Time Effective

Minimal reinstatement costs, no time wasted in managing traffic and road disturbances, and access to local businesses can always be maintained.

Less Social and Environmental Impact

Tree roots can remain undisturbed, less spoil accumulates on the ground, and driveways to properties and businesses can be retained as the drill passes under them.